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DanoSongs is no stranger to making music, but for those who are new to his creative work – Love Letters is just about the best place to begin your journey. His sound as it currently exists has a notably pure and organic ambiance to it, bringing together a select few elements, the acoustic and the mildly electronic (a distant, dreamlike wash of synths), and all of this pays a fitting and heartfelt tribute to the song’s key sentiments.

Love Letters is a song that explains its very existence within its own lyrics. This is done in a manner that slowly but surely wins you over – you grow accustomed to the leading voice, to the lyrical outpouring, and by the end of the song there’s a strong inclination to listen back through it all and recapture the moment once more.

It’s not that simple to distinguish between the verses and the chorus at first, an unusual trait, but by the final third it’s clear, and this smooth progression actually becomes one of the song’s greatest strengths. There’s an ongoing sense of movement and unity to the way the whole thing pours through, not unlike the qualities you’d hope to experience within a relationship as dedicated and loving as the one at the heart of the song.

Though the lyrics are very personal, right down to certain unique details, the concept as a whole has been approached in a fairly accessible way – a number of lines are totally universal, paving the way for any and all lovers to appreciate and utilize the song within their own relationships. Furthermore, the melodic development – these long-form lines, the varying vocal rhythm – as well as the continuous flow of the acoustic guitar strumming, all makes for something that feels familiar but uncommon in the same instance. It also makes it feel very real – you get a genuine sense of honesty and endearing authenticity throughout every building block, which allows the song to connect on an even deeper level.

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