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Danny Lamport Musician On A Mission


Acoustic brightness of guitar, rhythm and voice alone, leads us optimistically into a light and uplifting Closer To The Truth as folk-pop songwriter and artist Danny Lamport kicks off his brand new EP.

Beginning with the quickly intriguing and somewhat topical lyric – ‘I don’t believe in things I can’t see…’, initial impressions are soon blown out of the water, and continue to evolve into inspiring, open-minded observations throughout – ‘Just cause I think it’s right, that doesn’t mean it’s true.’

A beautifully heartfelt and melodically addictive hit of contemporary influence, which touches on precisely the topic of division due to perspectives; something that has ripped through our society in recent years. Danny Lamport focuses on the remedy, and these songs breathe new life into the possibilities surrounding that.

The EP’s title-track keeps the guitar-hands-voice connection strong and offers a stylish melody for an anthem-like feel that digs further into Lamport’s inherent optimism as an artist.

Things switch gears a little for Scarlett, a finger-picked track with those double vocal layers still present but a clear sense of regimental rhythm, melody, and intimate reflection.

Sammy’s Song is an easy highlight for the sheer swagger of its meandering solo, psychedelic against the acoustic strum of the backdrop. The melody veers off a little, but Falsetto vocals inject a soulful verse and some deeply poetic, again inspiring and thought provoking lyrics, about speaking up and speaking out; about making sure to try, to ask, to exercise curiosity.

Folk-pop rhythm and warmth embraces with ease for a beautifully hopeful Whole Again, right before What Lies Inside nudges its audience towards positivity and possibility alike. Beautifully performed, inviting interest in a live show – something well worth checking out when the time returns.

Enjoy a creatively pure and organic, uplifting and energising Live In The Moment as things come to a near-euphoric finish with some mighty song-writing and melodic power. Danny Lamport has his sound, his style, and it’s easy to recognise once you’ve heard even just one or two of these new songs.

Album out July 2nd. Check out Danny Lamport on Facebook & IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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