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Danny Denial $ell Me Out


What you get when you press play on this track is a fairly vintage, no-fucks-given sort of grunge rock. A modern look at life and the way the world appears from the artist’s perspective, all lightly doused in the distorted and passionate tones of the nineties. The sound fades in from afar, giving off this cinematic ambiance, within which you can really lose yourself – to the nostalgia, to the hypnotic effect of these chords, to the hauntingly angst driven vocals confidently drawing you further in.

The song is very much the voice of the poet, the metaphor of the starving artist making sense of the world. It’s not a sound you hear much these days, and there’s a massive stamp of character all over it, which you soon learn to recognise as being Danny Denial’s innate style. The variation featured in the leading vocal is immense. The volume, the level of angst and emotion, shoots up to the sky and swiftly slams back down to the floor – intermittently, as the music unfolds. The passion is crucial here, the mood set by the leading vocal, the lyrics and lines, is brilliantly in keeping with the classic rock & grunge musicality. This passion builds and builds as the song progresses, simultaneously pulling you further in as you listen.

Contrary to the idea of selling out, the track seems to be everything the artist wanted to create; in the way that he deemed appropriate, or in a way that was, quite simply, natural to him. It’s another strong example of art for art’s sake; no apology nor explanation necessary.

The track Gross is one to seal the deal in terms of what it is that Danny Denial creates. The sound is his, as mentioned, there’s a clarity to these distorted riffs and melodies that is easy to grasp. The heart and soul of grunge and punk rock is present, with a freshness that could only have come with the passing of time; holding on to that passion, revisiting inspiring sounds, reigniting the indie rock flame.

Head over to Bandcamp to download the tracks $ell Me Out and Gross. Head to Soundcloud for a hell of a lot more music from the artist, and follow Danny Denial on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

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