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Putting aside the quirkiness of the concept here, Katy by Daniel is an undeniably addictive piece of music with a melodic groove and dreamlike ambiance that work hard to draw you in and keep you captivated. The dark and somewhat brooding aura of the song reaches out and connects in a surprising way, particularly for a release that uses a famous person’s assets to explore the depth or size of their own dreams.

Everything about the song works hard to make certain you’re left thinking about it or singing it through in your mind. Daniel as an artist has a certain image and approach to creativity that invites curiosity and intrigue. Having listened to a couple of his earlier releases, this one has a notably more mellow vibe, leaning more in the direction of trip-hop and hip-hop than the heavier, rock inspired offerings from before. The soundscape in this case is really well crafted, the instrumental choices work perfectly, the chord progression has this mildly melancholy, reflective mood about it. The melody adds to this, the little vocal snippets that follow the chorus, despite the prominence of the word bounce and the ideas associated with it, make for fairly definitive moments within the song.

Daniel has done well to create something unique, this much is unquestionable. What’s interesting about this song though is that musically it appears as a totally alternative, beautifully alt-pop sort of track, satisfying in the way that anything fresh and effective should be, yet of course incredibly unusual and constantly in conflict with its own energy. You find yourself questioning the nature of the song, the seriousness of these dreams, the potential cleverness of the approach, and the artist in general – his intentions, his angle. It makes you wonder what will be next, this much is for sure, and based on his releases to date – that’s something you’ll be keen to find out.

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