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Daniel J Just Be Free


Delicate RnB vocals blend with trippy production and a vast sense of immersive sound-design, as Daniel J delivers the tropical rhythms and sudden optimism of an anthemic summer hit.

Aptly-titled and increasingly addictive in presenting those lasting good vibes, Just Be Free resounds with ‘It’s never too late to dance along’, resolving the ache and uncertainty, the longing and honesty of these intimate, revealing verses, with a powerful moment of uplifting possibility and brightness.

Bringing together organic soul in both voice and piano backdrop, Just Be Free builds a multi-layered track around this, almost dancehall-esque at its peak, and cleverly contrasts the melancholy of the verses with the beauty and unity of the hook.

As the rap verse comes in for the latter half, the lyrics change to further that shifting dynamic, becoming inclusive and relevant to any and all listeners, and increasing the energy and confidence throughout a brief yet striking verse, as we approach one final round of a gorgeously infectious, inspiring hook.

Really nicely done, refreshing production, purposeful writing, and faultless, engaging performances all round.

Check out the single here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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