Daniel Cronson - Grand Visions (Ft. Kehinde) Live At Sofar Sounds, Chicago - Stereo Stickman

Daniel Cronson Grand Visions (Ft. Kehinde) Live At Sofar Sounds, Chicago


Having enjoyed the stunning tones of Grand Visions within some of our top playlists for the best part of two months now, the prospect of a live version was more than a little exciting. Thankfully, Daniel Cronson and Kehinde more than meet the mark with this performance – Sofar Sounds Chicago have captured a moment in time, showcasing the best of both artists’ abilities in a live setting.

Completed gorgeously by a full-band set-up, this smooth jazz and soul single with a dash of hip hop makes for a beautifully pure, organic performance – one that presents a new side to the impressive and memorable song, and that introduces every musician involved as someone inherently connected to this moment and this musicality.

Grand Visions actually somehow manages to shine a little more brightly in the live setting – a rare trait these days it seems. The song stands tall on the strength of its own smooth hook and on Cronson and Kehinde’s vocal work, as before, but in this case you get to witness the up front and personal intensity and rising passion of the surrounding musicianship. Striking guitar solos, hints of harmonica, crisp drum-work – everything added helps back up the rhythmic and delicate yet emotional vocal drives with brilliant levels of character and style.

Grand Visions is easily one of best original songs to emerge so far this year, across genres, and this live version – awesomely presented – relights that energy and those good vibes in a wonderful manner.

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