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Daniel Coloprisco Winter’s Song EP


Daniel Coloprisco creates a classically calming, organic ambiance with this two-track EP release. Winter’s Song as a title track drives with a spacious and beautifully impressive musicality – a long-form melody and a fairly complex piano piece join forces to guide you through these poetic scenes.

The leading voice has been intimately presented, offering the intricacies and delicacies of an up-close and personal performance, which ultimately suits the heart-felt, emotional nature of the writing. A stunning piece of music and performance that works impressively on the strength of its own concept and delivery.

A Touch Of A Feeling follows the opener, leading with further skillful piano work, as well as a surprising level of originality – this feels like a genuinely new and fairly incomparable composition. The details and the way the instrumental story progresses take you on a mildly meandering journey through various feelings – subtle instances of energy are contrasted by subsequent moments of calm, and the same can be said of the mood; occasional moments of melancholy are resolved by those that emerge with a little more brightness and optimism.

Essentially, this experience, the changes you witness as the composition pours through, represent effectively the track’s title and perhaps the underlying ideas Coloprisco had at the time of writing. The latter half sees the pace increase and a brief instance of manic uncertainty appear, before everything falls away again to resolve the journey with peace and hopefulness.

A talented and passionate musician, with a fine ear for effective, engaging melodies and chord progressions. These two songs introduce his work in a striking and memorable way.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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