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Daneka Nation Fight Song


Poetic imagery and accessible vocals bring a sense of realness and ambition intertwined, as the gentle guitar introduction of Fight Song works quickly to connect.

Rising up from these simple, intriguing beginnings, Fight Song soon goes on to bring through the Daneka Nation rock core that is the energy, passion and distortion of their full-band sound.

All the while, this unexpected and easily recognizable cover delivers a refreshing take on a contemporary pop hit that elevates its purpose and influence all the more so.

Front-man Rhett Daneka delivers a nostalgic, relatable vocal sound, and clearly relates to these personal revelations and feelings as he makes his way through the performance. Always we resolve to that anthemic and familiar hook section, re-grounding proceedings for a chorus and moment of unity that will no doubt works its magic all the more strongly at a live show.

Designed to inspire and present listeners with a sense of possibility and empowerment, Fight Song works well to intertwine these poetic metaphors that make up the verses, with the more simplistic power and intention of the hook.

Contrast is crucial within the rise, fall and sheer humanity of the 2015 smash hit Fight Song, and Daneka Nation capture it well throughout this emotively-rooted, structurally thoughtful version.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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