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Dane Enjoy Yourself (A Conduit of Light EP)


Fresh from his new EP A Conduit of Light, Enjoy Yourself is an impressively creative and emotionally honest yet optimistic track that introduces the artist Dane in a bold and powerful way.

Enjoy Yourself is a song with a great hook – it can’t be denied. The verses and the groove offer a few flickers of personality that help separate the whole thing from the majority of RnB and alt-pop releases of late, but that hook is absolutely what seals the deal. The melody and the short lines that deliver it, the rise up to the higher notes at the end – it appeals for its confidence, its subtle swagger, and indeed for the satisfying flow of those notes and that vocal performance.

Dane drives with everything that’s needed to push through the noise and to stand the test of time. Fine production and an emotional yet notably laid-back approach to writing help make this entire EP one worth exploring. There’s character to the sound, to the stories, and there’s also plenty in the way of effective, memorable melodies and lyrics / lines that linger in your mind after listening. That voice carries it all well, and Enjoy Yourself is an easy hit – partly familiar, mostly fresh and more than appealing enough for its newness and the strength of that hook.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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