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Danaë Xanthe Vlasse Mythologies


Inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology, this new release from composer Danaë Vlasse delivers a unique series of audio journeys, comprised in many cases of the delicate pairing of two single instruments.

With the opener Sirens, voice and piano intertwine amidst a heavily reverb-soaked cavern for a vast yet simultaneously intimate resulting piece.

Unpredictable melodies tell the stories of the project, deeply moving performances shine light on the ups and downs of each scene or tale – across a post-eleven-minute epic for Sirens, which maintains minimalism in setup but goes on to captivate with powerful progressions and moments of intensity and juxtaposed heartbreak.

From calm to chaos and back, the opener starts things off well, right before the sudden weight and bass-thick depth of Poseidon & Odysseus intrigues and connects for its blissful tones and unexpectedly expressive tendencies.

The album goes on in this manner, musical theatre at its most interesting, compelling and original, with neo-classical flavours cascading alongside the more traditional sounds of opera and classical performance.

Penelope is quite stunning, paired voices and rising and falling piano make for a moment of purity around which everything else hits with significant impact.

Nepenthe is another highlight, the sudden power of strings and keys united feels cinematic in its intention and strength of mood.

Featuring a handful of accompanying musicians and sopranos, Mythologies promises the escapism, skill and authenticity that only the most purposeful albums can even attempt to achieve.

Visit Danaë’s Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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