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Dan Psycho Sad Boy EP


Contrary to the title of this EP, the music that pours through from the moment you click play is so smooth and loaded with good vibes, that it contrasts powerfully with the depth and emotional honesty that Dan Psycho injects into his bars.

Drinking kicks things off, a jazz-cafe soundscape with a mellow beat, a clean and crisp leading voice, a touch of melody and a classic hip hop flow that tips its hat to the sound of the nineties. Meanwhile, the story-line hits with impact – as does the artist’s personality and passion. It’s captivating to listen to, a little of that rare intellect and multi-layered realness fused with a certain delicacy and confidence that brings to mind a legend or two.

Move! rightfully picks up the energy, pace and intensity. Dan Psycho showcases another side to his style, lyrically and performance-wise. Eclecticism is subtle but effective, and already you can tell that a live show would be brilliantly refreshing – particularly when compared to some of hip hop’s break-throughs from the past few years.

Shawty an OPP keeps that darkness at the forefront for a more classically street, near Gangsta-rap effort that haunts and begs for you to turn up the volume. There’s an unusual level of space here though – the voice doesn’t join the soundscape, it sits on top of it and demands attention. Here Psycho exercises a carefree level of confidence and a moment of pure escapism from the difficulties presented elsewhere. The lyrics are still revealing, heavy, but the vocal tone adds a sense of ‘whatever’ and overcoming.

Afterwards, “Hey” Freestyle makes sense and becomes an absolute anthem for the project. A riding bass-line grabs attention, then a mighty flow with mild theatrics and details to create a level of interest and colour keeps you engaged. The flow is insane here on occasion. It’s a fun track – laid-back, humorous, a little lighter than everything else for the most part. Impressive.

Food Fo Thought follows and leads with a gentle piano part, distant and vintage sounding. That Mac Miller-esque flow kicks up again, more intimate here, up close and personal in a revealing and easy-to-connect-with manner. Again, the lyrics seem genuinely and consistently fresh – you hold onto these words like they’re Gospel, and a single listen proves far from enough. Addictive, easy to listen to on repeat, and as suggested – painful, sorrowful, yet bizarrely uplifting to have play for you. A personal favourite.

This EP emerges on its own plain, fresh yet authentic, heartfelt yet stylish and professional. An easy must for the coming months.

Download or stream the EP here. Find & follow Dan Psycho on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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