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Dan McLean Jr Let’s Stop Hurting Each Other


Back in February we were introduced to musician and song writer Dan McLean Jr; we were blessed with the opportunity to delve into and review his track I’ve Seen Love. He was an utter pleasure to discover and listen to, and the track has been played here time and time again in the weeks that have passed since then. He’s now back with his brand new song and video Let’s Stop Hurting Each Other. It’s every bit as musically warm and powerful as the previous release, with all the greatness of a quality rock ballad, yet all the tenderness of an emotionally loaded singer-songwriter piece. Here’s the lowdown.

The track steps confidently into the limelight with the simple presentation of a drum roll, accompanied by guitar and piano, followed by a mellow and jazz-like set of hi-hats and a kick drum (to get your body moving appropriately). Shortly after all of this, the stylish flick of a solo guitar slides forward – to really draw you in. The whole thing has a wonderful feeling of nostalgia in the simplicity of the musical structure, but despite this familiarity in the instrumental sound; there’s an undeniable strength highlighted throughout, which gives it that all important and unique glow of personality.

It’s unquestionably a great song; that chorus, the hook, it hits and hits in just the right way to make it memorable and effective. It’s not really the music that gives the track it’s power, it’s the song writing, and of course the emotionally lit delivery of that lead vocal just brightening it all up.

This one is a sad song, by all accounts – but it sounds like, if it were to  take place as background music, an optimistic and overcoming of struggles kind of song, which may well be the case. At it’s very core though – it is the end of something that has had a certain amount of meaning and importance to the people involved. It is the end of an era, one that is ending due to pain, but ending, nonetheless. Where there is pain now, there was clearly once a lot of love and happiness; memories and experiences like that are not easy to let go of. The massive sound of that chorus melody and the musical climax portray these feelings and ideas brilliantly. It’s a big deal, but it’s for the greater good – and that’s exactly what the song, the music, and the performance unitedly express.

Dan McLean Jr’s vocal performance on this track is faultless. The emotional and honest delivery from the start, the very brief and effortless falsetto, the brightness and depth and dedication within the chorus. The lyrics towards the end talk about the hurt the singer has been caused, and so there is an element of resolve and reward in walking away from all of this. It can be difficult to emphasize this kind of thing any further than simply spelling it all out, lyrically, but the vocal performance really rises to the challenge at every single moment. It’s a concept well expressed, and the song sounds great – fantastic production, and mellow through to massive at all the right moments.

See what you think. Here’s Let’s Stop Hurting Each Other, the brand new song and video from Dan McLean Jr..

Find Dan McLean Jr over on Facebook, Twitter, and his Website to find out more and to look out for live shows.

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