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Dan McLean Jr I’ve Seen Love


I absolutely adore this song, and not just because the accompanying video is so wonderful; so much love and happiness. The song itself just sounds fantastic, and it sounds completely brand new – I wasn’t reminded of anything melodically, and I love the switch to a soulful and almost falsetto sound for the chorus. A real pleasure to listen to. Beautifully performed, and so very well written – the positivity and optimism throughout is quite overwhelming, an absolute rarity these days it seems.

This screams love is a superbly accurate lyric, as the whole song screams love, in an actively happy and joyful way – exactly as it is meant to be experienced. The musicality of the whole track is never boring, there are some really creative moments of flair; the saxophone towards the end is utterly brilliant, the solo guitar is perfectly placed and stylish, the drum riffs are fresh and captivating – wonderfully noticeable throughout, another rarity that is really effective and pleasant.

After a few listens, I became aware that from the very first few seconds of the track it now feels like one of those songs you pick up on in the distance, when you’re out somewhere. It’s like, you hadn’t even noticed there was music playing until you heard this one song, and then you secretly (or not so, sometimes) want to shush the person you’re talking to, so you don’t miss it. I couldn’t think of a more accurate way to describe it.

I enjoy this one a little more every time I press play. I feel like it would be right at home at the end of some momentous and epic film about love, travel, and learning. The riffs and the melody have such character, and what’s interesting is that they change quite a few times throughout – Dan McLean Jr throws in some unexpected turns, the occasional fork in the road, but it’s so well planned and so real that it works; it surprises you, then very suddenly makes you think oh, of course, why don’t all songs do that? Those wonderful moments of realization.

You can find the multi-talented song writer and musician Dan McLean Jr on Facebook and Twitter. The track I’ve Seen Love is taken from his upcoming album, unreleased as yet, but you can grab your copy of the single over on iTunes, and make sure to follow him online so you don’t miss the release day for the album.

Dan McLean Jr is based in Toronto, Canada, so those of you lucky enough to live nearby – watch out for a live show and potential album launch in the coming months. Head over to his Website to find out a bit more about him and his band. The track I’ve Seen Love was produced by Dave Dunlop. The Executive Producer was Greg Wells, who is also known for his work with Mayer Hawthorne, Adele, Twenty One Pilots, Katy Perry, and Pharrell Williams. All in all, well worth a listen.

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