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Dan Loller Deep Space


Dan Loller sets the mood beautifully with this single, slowly but surely crafting a mildly psychedelic, expressive rock soundscape around you. Delicacy and distortion intertwine skillfully, paving the way well for what is a notably poetic and thoughtful song.

Deep Space plays for a strong five and a half minutes. What you notice during this time, is that rather than focusing on the individual elements and layers Рas the music analyst might Рyou tend to lose concentration somewhere along the way; your mind begins to wander off into the ether of this space the artist has created around you. This effect a total joy, so much so that when the song ends the silence is a little overbearing.

Dan Loller has composed this with care and intention. It functions as a regular song, sure – the verse and the chorus each offer something of their own – but there’s far more to it than these structural flags can imply. What begins as a slightly classic Oasis sound, soon evolves into something a little more in line with Pink Floyd or some of the more alternative creatives from a few decades ago. This is the ambiance, mainly, and these considerate, metaphorical lyrics. You feel as if you’re wandering through the artist’s ideas, and the music and melody accompany that well. You’re almost alone in this moment that is deep space, but then there’s that artist-audience understanding to offer a little togetherness and calm.

The final minute lets a stunning, passionate guitar solo and sentiment rain down in a powerful way – thus the silence afterwards really hits with impact. A great song, really well built and indicative of an artist with a natural connection to songwriting and music as an art form.

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