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Dan Keicher Where Have You Been


Capturing affection from the outset with a cleanly-mixed and hypnotically rhythmic vocal lead (somewhat akin to the sound of The Cat Empire, but with a twist of classic indie rock) – Dan Keicher kicks off his brilliant debut solo record on an absolute high.

Self-defined as an album written purely from a love of playing, the sheer joy and energy presented throughout Where Have You Been does indeed speak volumes on behalf of that uninhibited passion and pleasure for the art of making music.

Sleep is a sensational opener, catchy yet original in lyric and leading identity, blending stylish bass-work with live rhythms and vocal versatility throughout.

Far from a stranger to the scene, Keicher notes over 12 years as an active musician, and as such, the new venture of a full-length solo album has proven vastly appealing – and ultimately all the more impressive once listeners delve in.

From slick UK festival vibes across the likes of a superb Run, through the long-form melodic progression and ska undertones of Where Have You Been, this 10-track project keeps things consistently eclectic, yet always maintains that unmistakable Dan Keicher voice in both tone and intention.

Featuring a breadth of influence but at its core standing tall on the strength of Keicher’s own experience and devotion to music, Where Have You Been is easily one of the most refreshing, uplifting and enjoyable albums to emerge this winter. It promises a sort of timeless quality, a plethora of catchy hooks – from Falling Down to Feel So Good – alongside a multitude of personal anecdotes and accessible, compelling and often poetic observations; Wasteland a fine example.

A real pleasure to turn up loud right about now. Well worth a few streams throughout 2023.

Download or stream Where Have You Been here. Check out Dan Keicher on Facebook, Apple Music & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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