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Dan Jardine Burn Your Bridges (July Specials)


Fresh from last month’s three-track release July Specials, Dan Jardine’s song Burn Your Bridges showcases something of a retro ambiance, within which these poetically thoughtful ideas pour through in a delicate and calming way.

Collaborating with Bomnivores for this track, Jardine exercises a certain structural awareness that sees the song’s melody and the notes chosen contrast on occasion with the musical backdrop. There are moments of blissful connection and calm, but there are also some that seem unsettled and quite disjointed – a fitting representation of the song’s underlying concept, this back and forth between the past and the present, the optimistic and the fearful.

There’s undoubtedly something musically characterful about this track, it feels in some respects like a classic, alternative trip-hop piece, but the quality of the sound and the instrumental and sample choices – even the placement of the leading voice within the mix – all point in a slightly left-of-centre direction. As you listen to more of Jardine’s music, this quickly becomes a lasting trait of his sound and his approach to expression.

5th Delay from the same recent collection sees a creative and simplistic yet interestingly detailed soundscape pour through alongside of yet another smooth and calming leading vocal delivery. There’s colour to this one, a certain fusion of genres and influences, a sense of possibility. It fits among the short playlist and, as suggested, it helps finalize the listener’s understanding of Dan Jardine as an artist. There’s an air of musical freedom to his sound but also one of deeply thoughtful writing – the introverted kind of expression that connects with the deeper parts of our existence. The songs provoke thoughts you wouldn’t necessarily take on without the gentle prompt of the music. His catalogue is already strong and growing at an impressive rate. Well worth tuning in for.

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