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Damian Sage Union Town


A long-time favourite of ours, Damian Sage has taken strides to achieve writing an original song for an upcoming TV series called Union Town. He’ll be performing the song in the season finale, and when you hear it – it’s not difficult to understand why it stood out as so poignant, powerful, and ultimately perfect to accompany a story-board of visuals.

Much in the way that the soundtrack to shows like Sons Of Anarchy offered these intimate recordings of songs that touched on broad, intriguing concepts, Union Town leads with a clear-cut, acoustic presentation to begin with – Damian’s raspy, expressive and deep vocals laying out the familiar idea of not every hero wears a cape.

At the same time, the very thought of a union is likely to conjure up a certain series of thoughts for most, so the intrigue, the interest, the realness, is bold from the start.

Then the song builds, draws you in further, resolves beautifully in a subtle yet satisfying and inspiring way. Damian’s voice rises in passion and strength as this organic soundscape moves along. Everything is subtle, humble, which reinforces the underlying concept wonderfully well.

This is easily the kind of timeless song that authentic music fans will crave and play on repeat once it crosses their path. The effect will likely be stronger still once there’s a scene and a dramatic story to coincide with the memory of it.

A massive congratulations to Damian on this much-deserved leap forwards as a songwriter and artist. A beautiful song, I look forward to the show!

Union Town will be released on March 16th by the label Dark Spark Music, headed by Vicky Hamilton (Guns N Roses, June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash). Find & follow Damian Sage on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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