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Damian Sage The Hardest Goodbye


Long time favorite Damian Sage emerges this summer with a beautiful piano ballad – the delicacy of the keys contrasting gorgeously with the natural rasp and emotional grit of his voice.

Even in this setting, with a nearly whispered delivery for the verses, that voice connects for its passion and authenticity. As it happens, the song is perfectly well written, which effectively reinforces the impact of the voice and the melody thanks to a few well-crafted building blocks and creative choices.

From the opening moments, the set-up is fairly simple – the piano, as mentioned, Damian’s voice, quiet and uncertain, a few strings, a touch of rhythm with a mellow pace but a sense of anticipation. Then we get the drop to the hook, things brighten up immediately – the song grows louder, uplifts in its outcry and longing. The crash of symbols, the live drum sound, the subtle vocal switch. It’s not a bold performance in terms of volume, not at first, it’s a quietly heartbreaking declaration of intimacy and emotional need, and Damian has framed it perfectly well.

Some love songs stand the test of time simply because they’re so accessible, so striking as they progress from quiet, poetic verses to the ultimate resolve and energy of a heartfelt hook. Everything I Do comes to mind as a fine example, and this song easily falls into a similar category.

Damian’s natural connection to the subject matter stands out with such realness – you believe this story, the song feels incredibly personal, almost not meant for our ears, and all of this lets it connect in a profound and memorable way. Then we get these simple yet devastating images – crying on the floor, we will never dance again, and I don’t love you anymore… It’s heartbreak that’s all too familiar, and the pain in Damian’s voice, particularly during the final quarter, really brings it home. Beautifully done.

Single out July 27th on Spotify & Apple. Find & follow Damian Sage on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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