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Damian Sage Drive


Damian Sage soars higher than ever with this new single. Leading with vocal and lyrical depth, and an organic and artistic manner of sound design, Drive effectively raises the bar and places Sage securely in the running for one of the year’s most passionate and thoughtful songwriters.

From a stylistic perspective, the single begins as an acoustic Americana piece, and quickly progresses to become something of a U2-inspired anthem – the perfect kind of track to drive to, rightfully enough.

Damian’s vocals have always been of an emotive and honest nature, softly soulful and clearly connected to the words he sings. In this case, the song itself seems to stand all the more boldly thanks to his delivery of it.

While Drive comes through as an easy soft-rock ballad to cover or to appreciate in any number of different settings, there’s something particularly special and captivating about Damian’s own performance and recording of it. At the same time as feeling like a classic hit, this also feels like a moment captured in time – a raw and unedited expression of intimate feelings and poetic observations.

Beautiful. Listen loud.

We’re wide awake as we’re dreaming, we’re running all the lights…

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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