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Damian Redd Birth by Sleep: Genesis of Damian Redd


This album is something that has had an intense level of thought, energy and professionalism put into it, to the point that the result is something that really hits with weight, drawing your attention from the offset and working hard to maintain it throughout.

The intro sets things off appropriately, the opening segment is heavy, dark and powerful, seriously minded and straight to the point as to what sentiment or concept led to the crafting of this project. Following this spoken word segment, the music bursts into action with clear cut production and an immediately fresh style of flow that lets you what Damian Redd is all about. As things progress through this first section of the album, there’s a definite other thread outside of the voice and the performance, and this is the style of the music. Each track has been crafted with a unique beat and a distinct riff or haunting trait that makes it what it is. The overall vibe is quite dark, haunting and hard hitting. This supports well the energy and ideas presented in the performance.

Not In The Mood keeps things relevant, the heaviness increases, the hook is manic and easily recognisable after a single listen. Introverted has a certain mellow smoothness in comparison, it’s a moment of quiet or calm in a sense.

As you move through the tracks, the lyricism gets more and more poignant and striking. Royal Radiance is a stand out song, it reflects on personal turmoil and one’s place within the world among those who surround us. The use of the direct addressing of you in the hook pulls the listener right into the centre of the music, and the fact that it’s followed by one of many snippets of spoken word – This world is just too small – this adds a lot to the lasting effect of such provocative lyrics.

Stroke Of Midnight opens with a uniquely creative musicality, this retro, electronically driven wave of synths lays things out, then you get some notably captivating story telling that again takes things in a new and interesting direction. Frolic Flame impresses further, the instrumentation is dreamlike and overwhelming, the lyrics involve you, the story telling is unquestionably honest and intense and holds tight to your attention throughout. Moments like this make certain you’re listening. There’s a little of what you might call every day content on this project, accessible stories and segments, but there’s a lot that is deeply considerate and touches on issues above the physical life, this is through metaphors and a provocative ideas and stories. Frolic Flame is the perfect example.

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I Miss Me takes on the electronica a little more freely, the vibe surprises, keeping things eclectic and interesting. The story telling stays strong, every line has you walking through the moments with the artist. As each track passes, it feels like a highlight – the album genuinely gets better and more all-encompassing as you progress through it. Light In The Dark offers exactly what it promises, a moment of hope among the darkness, and it feels like the potential start of a different state of mind.

Ambition follows and totally changes the mood for good. The musicality here is simple, minimalist even – a light beat backs up the unwavering rhythm and pace of the song. This one works to inspire, the hook surrounds you with uplifting music, and Damian Redd’s energy and bars fuse powerfully to keep you compelled. Caught In a Fantasy sees the soundscape evolve again, the story telling comes back, the topic feels personal and intimate. As a project, this is so well arranged – on top of everything that has gone into it, the order and eclecticism of these songs make certain there’s plenty of change and movement, plenty of ideas and moments that appeal. Damian Redd has written this to read like a book. It’s clever, supremely well captured, and wonderfully effective. The new sense of positivity remains from here on in.

Follow The New Moon offers up poetic images and a distinctly memorable hook. The performance is smooth, calming even, it feels like a different person to the opening tracks – as is the beauty of this project, the concept has been masterfully represented, which makes for something refreshingly original. Road To Dawn lays out a blissfully comforting ambiance, a wave of synths and a delicately hopeful riff set the tone for a gentle, almost whispered vocal performance that works perfectly at this point within the project. This is a moment of meditation, in a way – the music soothes you, the words softly guide your thoughts to somewhere positive and inspiring. It’s a powerful way to finish and is topped off only by the fitting spoken word outro that really leaves its words lingering in your mind after listening. The sense of possibility is immense, and this offers something mighty in the way of influencing listeners for the better, to go out and be the best that they can be.

This album comes as a genuine and welcome surprise, the detail and complexity of the project in its entirety is stunning. Certainly, the tracks within each make for something powerful to listen to in themselves, but as a completed work of art, a rare and perfectly well presented concept album, this is undeniably fresh and hugely impressive. Absolutely worth listening to in full.

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