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Da All I Want To Do


Fresh from the album Spiritual Warfare, All I Want To Do drives with a thick and heavy bass-line, a contrastingly light melody, and a series of delicate riffs that appear scattered around the outer edges. As the song progresses, more and more elements step forward that surprise and captivate. Whatever impression you take away from the opening moments, whatever you try to predict, the actual song in full follows its own rules entirely and creates something fresh and entrancing before you.

All I Want To Do showcases two different melody lines, each of which are incredibly effective in this setting. The weight of the beat is brilliant, keeping a constant groove alive that sweeps you along with it, and in line with this each moment of melody adds something completely satisfying from a musical perspective. There’s an addictive quality to the melody in full, the voices have a choir-like sound – though with something a little more modern and gritty about it. It’s easy to listen once or twice in a row, as each time the track ends the silence that fills the room is a little too overwhelming.

From a creative angle there’s so much about this release that speaks volumes and highlights Da as a thoughtful and freely expressive artist. The song is loaded with references to faith and dedication to a higher power. Simultaneously though, there’s plenty that invites any number of different listeners into the process. All I want to do is fly as a central line offers a beautiful melody, somehow melancholic yet optimistic in the same instance – it’s a powerful moment that lingers in your mind long after listening. Conceptually too, this is a phrase that’s easy to make your own. Combined with ideas about living life in your own way and following your dreams, the song connects on a deeper level – and it sounds great at the very same time.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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