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D.U.K.E Is This Real Love (Feat. N.C. Palma)


Smooth vibes pour through with a fine fusion of nostalgic RnB and contemporary rap qualities, as D.U.K.E and N.C. Palma collaborate for Is This Real Love.

Intimate and honest from the outset, the song lays down a foundation for modern romance, and follows this with increasingly gritty, revealing bars and details.

From the melodic-rap fusion of the opening moments through a more cleanly mixed set of bars for the feature, the track keeps things flowing yet dynamic and interesting throughout; all the while maintaining that subtle trap rhythm, easy bass and dreamy synth downpour.

Coming in at just two minutes thirty-seven seconds, Is This Real Love proves structurally unique, making sure to leave that hook sentiment lingering, even with its subtlety, but also to inject a clear story and presence of passion and mild uncertainty along the way.

Things begin and end with the smooth, gentle presentation of the hook melody, and in between these moments we get a realistic thread of energy and openness – connecting with listeners for vulnerability and skill united as things continuously wash over.

Vintage tones and freshness unite throughout the new track, poetry and personal references alike providing a late-night anthem that naturally suits the quieter, contemplative moments that lie ahead this summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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