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D.Tech Stimulus


Still categorically one of hip hop’s most dedicated underground artists, Miami’s D.Tech offers up no shortage of new releases – regardless of the trials and tribulations of our time.

Along with a full-length album from earlier this summer, Stimulus is just one of a plethora of new releases that further secure his name as one of the most melodically engaging, thoughtful and professional artists of the year.

Coming in at a mere minute-forty-two, Stimulus is a smooth yet intentional burst of optimism and energy. The content lives up to the implications of the title, providing listeners with a calm yet confident reminder to stay focused on what really matters.

As a rapper, D.Tech blends contemporary references with personal insight in a uniquely captivating way. This single in particular takes full advantage of a limited time-frame, stepping up to the stage with confidence and relevance, but also making sure to throw in more than a few reflections on life that lay bare a sense of identity – and allow listeners to further strengthen that connection with the artist.

The entire track is essentially a single series of bars – a verse with a touch of melody at either end, and some dreamlike, mellow yet uplifting production that really allows the concept and mood to take hold.

Talk of freedom, God, ambition, self-belief, unity and survival, all pours through amidst a subtly intensifying backdrop. Vocals double at just the right moment, the flow switches gears, speeds up, calms back down, and the whole thing effectively engages with you from start to finish.

A rapper and artist who refuses to disappoint. Check out more music via Soundcloud. Find & follow D.Tech on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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