Crisp and contemporary vocal production allows D.Tech’s lead on this latest single to really embrace and energize as it makes its way through this decidedly personal, intimate new story-line.

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Along with a full-length album from earlier this summer, Stimulus is just one of a plethora of new releases that further secure his name as one of the most melodically engaging, thoughtful and professional artists of the year.

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Champion strikes with impact and somehow, despite an entire catalogue of unpredictable, creatively uninhibited tracks, further instills the faith in D.Tech as a vastly versatile, incomparable hip hop artist.

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Pushing the creative boundaries all the more so with perhaps his most heartfelt and poetic release yet, Miami’s D.Tech blends engaging melodies with sublime imagery and a soundscape designed to melt away your anxieties.

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Bringing through perhaps his most stunning, multi-layered soundscape yet, and fusing this with a quickly addictive, anthem-like vocal line – offering both melody and spoken word in rhythmic, infectious doses – Double Up takes hold from the offset; and refuses to let go until the journey is over.

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Knowing precisely the building blocks required to build a career in music, D.Tech releases just enough new material to keep things evolving, yet always the tracks appear at a blissfully professional level. Undertones is his latest offering, and far from the exception.

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Storming through for less than two minutes, D.Tech’s No Limitations presents an absolute outpouring of lyricism that sees the artists within barely pause to breathe – holding your attention and building upon the intensity right through to the end.