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D.Tech Showing Love


Pushing the creative boundaries all the more so with perhaps his most heartfelt and poetic release yet, Miami’s D.Tech blends engaging melodies with sublime imagery and a soundscape designed to melt away your anxieties.

Delicate beginnings for Showing Love lay bare a thoughtful, considerate side to the artist – something touched upon with his last release One Team. In this case, there’s a more intimate, personal aura, and the softness of the opening verse and its beat reinforces that beautifully.

In true D.Tech fashion though, things don’t merely float through as a single idea. The song goes on to build up and brighten in a powerful way. Where the first half whispers this simple hook melody into the room – those breathy vocals meeting softly with the dreamlike ambiance supporting them – the latter half brings a slightly heightened pace, some clever, impressive word-play and bars, and more focus is drawn to the beat and the rising passion of the piece.

Lyrically brilliant but in a subtle way, the track hits like a mellow anthem of joy and peacefulness, later revealing itself to be all the more pensive and deeply human than was ever first implied.

Gorgeously produced, performed with genuine heart and soul. Showing Love is an addictively hypnotic new track, and yet another one to add to the D.Tech playlist of go-to hits for 2020 and beyond.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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