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D.Tech Practice (feat. Concepcion)


Even just a couple of months without new music from Miami’s D.Tech feels too long. Fortunately the return brings yet another unpredictable, uniquely conceptual release, which reignites that appreciation for the artist all the more strongly.

Leading with a brilliantly retro, haunting beat, Practice proceeds to see D.Tech adopt a refreshingly confident and fun-loving persona. The entire track is rhythmically on point, driving with an anthem-like quality from the offset and refusing to lower the bar throughout.

Concepcion’s feature on this track helps really add a likeable dynamic, a change in flow and tone but not so much so that the song falls off from its original mood and intentions. On the contrary, these two both move with confidence and clever rhymes alike, and the vibe of the track stands tall right the way through.

On top of the classic, nostalgic beat, the song’s hook is equally reminiscent of a simpler time in hip hop. The energy presented is quickly motivational, begging for you to rise up and join the movement, the enthusiasm – something that would go down beautifully at a live show.

Given the sheer versatility of D.Tech as showcased throughout the past six months alone, this track further seals the deal that a live show or a full-length album would indeed be where eclecticism and an uninhibited love for music in all of its forms would connect unforgettably.

Forever unexpected, forever worth the time it takes to listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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