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D.Tech Fly Away


Crisp and contemporary vocal production allows D.Tech’s lead on this latest single to really embrace and energize as it makes its way through this decidedly personal, intimate new story-line.

Taking clear inspiration from the emotional weight of well-produced emo-rap, Fly Away also brings in a fine balance between rap rhythms and addictive melodies. The song’s hook in particular has a certain infectious simplicity about it – this poetic, familiar concept feeling all the more relatable and comforting each time it pours through.

As the track goes on, the focus remains on the clarity of the voice, even to the point of picking up on that same line for starting and ending the experience.

The soundscape minimalism adds a dreamlike, relevantly light kind of aura to the song, and allows the lyrics and intermittently free-style seeming traits of D.Tech’s style to really stand tall.

The lyrics also meander effectively between easy-going fun and that which is a little more contemplative and loving – showcasing a natural and genuine connection to the subject matter and mood of the song.

Another unexpected step for D.Tech, with some fine writing and production – as ever.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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