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D.Tech Double Up


Just as 2020 approaches, D.Tech kicks in with an absolute beauty of a tune.

Bringing through perhaps his most stunning, multi-layered soundscape yet, and fusing this with a quickly addictive, anthem-like vocal line – offering both melody and spoken word in rhythmic, infectious doses – Double Up takes hold from the offset; and refuses to let go until the journey is over.

Always an artist worth checking in with, D.Tech showcases time and time again this uniquely driven and creative angle with artistry. Knowing precisely what works in modern music, what gathers attention in hip hop and alternative pop, yet balancing this beautifully with a decidedly expressive thread of personality and realness, his music consistently intrigues and satisfies all at once.

In this case, professionalism reaches impeccable heights, and that vocal line works hard to create the perfect hit of escapism that’s either energizing or calming depending on what you need from it. Most likely though, this will be the burst of optimism and vibrancy listeners turn to whenever the night needs a quick injection of life and style.

Simply put, the subject matter seeks to inspire and motivate. D.Tech lives what he preaches, putting out track after track, always impressing yet also always improving. Double Up encapsulates that process, and everything from the rising intensity of the ambiance to the engaging, memorable flow of the vocal gets the concept and the moment running through your mind indefinitely.

An easy favourite so far, and the perfect way to bring in the new year. I look forward to hearing what 2020 brings from Miami’s D.Tech.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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