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D.Tech Champion


Shorter than ever yet more harder-hitting and loaded with vocal and conceptual grit, Champion strikes with impact and somehow, despite an entire catalogue of unpredictable, creatively uninhibited tracks, further instills the faith in D.Tech as a vastly versatile, incomparable hip hop artist.

Two minutes and three seconds, a dreamlike downpour of synths, somewhat chaotic and swirling as they cascade around you. Throw in a thick beat, and an intense and fast-paced vocal line – Champion grabs attention from the offset and proceeds to wrap its intentions around you with unwavering energy.

D.Tech’s vocal sounds different here – a raspy kind of care-free yet confident, hot-blooded delivery. It also meanders through a few well-placed flows – each one working in unison with the underlying structure and evolution of what is a decidedly artistic and engaging soundscape.

In terms of the subject matter, short lines offer a back-and-forth dynamic that seems to detail or list the challenges and subsequent personality qualities required to overcome them. This is followed by a kind of You-Me call-and-response, dedicated to laying bare drive and determination, inspiring a sort of motivated sense of possibility. You did that, I did this, and there’s only one Champion at the end of it all.

A powerful track, and it can’t be said enough that every release from D.Tech is completely unexpected, unique its own expressive and compelling way, and also incredibly impressive from both a rap and production perspective. An easy one to turn up loud as you start to take back control of your year.

D.Tech is swiftly crafting one of this new decade’s most eclectic and memorable playlists of originals. Get involved.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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