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D.Ni.L Glue


The last couple of years have seen some of the most creative genre-fusions to date in independent music. D.Ni.L is an artist taking that creative freedom to intense new heights, and his latest single and accompanying video entitled Glue is the perfect example of this.

Much more than a rapper, D.Ni.L is more rightfully known as an artist – his approach to music is purely creative and expressive, not seeking to be one thing or another, not purely rapping on top of easy to gather loops as so many performers in hip hop tend to do. Glue is a track that showcases a bizarrely colourful meeting of hard rock or electronic rock and something much lighter – a delicate vocal line and some distant synths float in stark contrast with the underlying, distorted guitar line; the pace and energy of the leading artist’s rap flow also contrasts with the rhythm and softness of these.

It’s a memorable track, without question, the style has something of its own entirely right now, and D.Ni.L’s voice undoubtedly offers a certain tone and the added blessing of a notable accent to really make certain you know who you’re listening to.

As with a lot of independent music, releases can take a little more time than expected to step out into the spotlight, but when your heart and your mind are looking towards the same ideals – things will almost certainly come to fruition soon enough. D.Ni.L’s latest album release is set to be available around June of this year, and if Glue is anything to go by – expect multi-layered musicality, raw energy, passion, and plenty of personality. The artist’s bars are totally characterful and seemingly carefree, which adds a lot of realness to the music and helps with the recognisable aspects of it. The soundscape as well has something really special about it, moving smoothly from the delicately painted verses to the almighty bang of the instrumental break.

Everything has been thoughtfully crafted here, despite that apparent nonchalance in the lyrics. If you listen well, you hear a lot more than a quick glimpse may imply. The second and third times around you really start to take it all on. I look forward to hearing the album.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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