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D.I.T Books Of War


D.I.T takes on a classy beat for this single Books Of War. The rapper delivers a mellow yet softly weighty stream of lyricism throughout the track – that voice is quickly comforting for its depth of tone and its chilled yet entrancing rhythm. Things feel quite classically hip hop, the sort of story-line and vocal style you’d have let play on repeat back in the day. In this case, the fresh beat and the intention of the lyrics create something brand new, with meaning, and as an introduction to the artist the whole thing works really well.

Lyrically this is worth listening to more than once, and it’s a pleasure to do that. The vibe of the soundscape and the vocal calm tend to take centre stage the first time around, but the more you listen, the more intricacies and ideas you pick up on. Lines like I ain’t living by not dying initially stand out from afar, and meanwhile this groove creates a mildly cinematic ambiance that’s easy to relax into as you ponder the world. Later on, the true depths of the song suit that mood all the more so.

D.I.T’s honesty and these personal touches that appear throughout help add a sense of understanding, which is easy to connect with – there’s a realness to this lyricism, rather than a simple outpouring of confidence as seems to make up the bulk of contemporary hip hop. This truthful and reflective approach details difficulty in a beautifully poetic fashion, and that’s something you quickly fall under the spell of. The gun shots towards the latter half wake you up a little if your concentration wanders off among the music, and the final verse then veers off into realms unfamiliar and fascinating. The title of the track attempts to prepare you for this theme, but it’s only when you really delve into the track a few times that it all comes together. A genuinely original approach to hip hop – hopefully there’s more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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