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D Brown’s Manchild Lead Me On


D Brown’s Manchild bring about the nostalgic raw energy of a Jimi Hendrix performance on this latest release. The song Lead Me On offers up a smooth yet gritty gathering of electric guitars and all round soulful, passionate musicianship. The opening riff of the track brings a refreshing level of skill and depth to a world of music that often works to keep things overly simple. Once the rhythm settles in, there’s a distinct level of space within the song, the swagger and confidence of the guitars and the leading voice drive the energy of the piece with their own authentic weight and power.

Demetrius Brown is a multi-talented musician and songwriter, the greatest trait of his creative work however, is this genuine, all encompassing sense of entertainment and expression. The skill of his playing and performing goes without question, so you get to freely embrace this fairly flawless, natural flow of music, perfectly well structured so as to keep you involved and hook on the movement and progression from start to finish.

It’s a total pleasure to stumble upon an artist and band relighting the fire for this sort of music. Often it’s thought that rock or distortion alone must be accompanied by a thick wall of audio  – several guitars, several voices, manic drums and bass and keys and everything else you might be able to find in the studio. In this case, the music hits with strength, it captivates and uplifts, it satisfies, and all with the simple effectiveness of a well written and naturally captured piece of music. D Brown was meant to do this, it comes naturally to him, and it’s fantastic to hear the song unfold in the way that it does.

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