D-BLOCH - LIKE THAT - Stereo Stickman



Independent artistry of an impressively high quality always emerges from the elusive D-BLOCH, the latest release being far from the exception.

Featuring heavy rhythm and bass with a quickly catchy, RnB-style hook, LIKE THAT is every bit of the ear-worm its title implies, but also brings a welcomed touch of passion and darkness, which extends throughout the confidence and grit of the rap verses.

Another shift in style but still grounded by professionalism and this unexpectedly ethereal production, LIKE THAT speaks out on behalf of the reflective writing and musical escapism of D-BLOCH overall. The track is an instant banger, for lack of a more professional word, and leaves its uniquely recognizable hook (in all of its distinct vocal identity) lingering long after the music has ended.

Forever walking his own path creatively, D-BLOCH maintains a sense of going against the grain, but balances this with a clearly honed ear for what connects and what engages with listeners. LIKE THAT subtly blends genres, almost feeling like a dance floor-filler at its peak, and offers a relatable story in the process.

An easy anthem for the end of the year, romantic and smooth yet interesting enough to really hit the scene with impact if given the chance.

Download or stream LIKE THAT. Find D-BLOCH on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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