D-BLOCH - AGAIN - Stereo Stickman



Introducing a fresh twist on a timeless sample, D-BLOCH tells a whole new story and sets a whole new vibe, for AGAIN.

Featuring the unmistakable sound of Dido’s Thankyou, Again adopts a notably contemporary style. Trap rhythms and heavy bass contrast the distantly-mixed delicacy of the voice, and indeed the organic, crisp sound of an acoustic guitar riff.

The loop embraces audiences from the outset, and even with the track barely stretching past the two-minute mark, it connects with genuine heart for the clear relationship between the music, the sample, and the deeply personal bars from D-BLOCH.

Performatively this is perhaps the most emotive and soulful display of D-BLOCH’s voice so far, the sound is beautiful, cleanly-mixed for a raspy and captivating lead that subtly employs both melody and rap, for an increasingly passionate journey that’s both versatile and faultlessly in tune with the surrounding progression.

Despite the unarguable infamy of the sampled song, D-BLOCH manages to truly make this his own – and within the walls of a sub-standard-length alternative pop track. The whole thing is soulfully delivered, professionally crafted, and melodic in a way that leaves other riffs and sentiments lingering in favour of that opening hook. Again ultimately raises awareness of the D-BLOCH sound and style in a memorable way.

Download or stream AGAIN here. Check out D-BLOCH on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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