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Cvlii Freefall / Euphoria


Hitting the scene with style and offering a fresh EP from 2020, plus a brand new single for this year, artist and songwriter Cvlii drives with addictive melodies and immersive grooves throughout a series of original releases.

Beginning with the project Euphoria, Bottled Messages is a stunning pop song, blending dreamy and catchy production with equally catchy tunes and a voice that’s up-front, cleanly mixed and softly soulful as it pours through. Brilliantly structured, dance-ready yet also mellow in concept and delivery during the verses – the track is an early stand-out and creates both an emotional and uplifting mood that urges you to turn up the volume.

The distinctive sense of identity about Cvlii’s sound is everything from his voice to his writing and the very set-up of each track. With this though, eclecticism plays a crucial role. As Instagram starts up there’s already a suddenly calm and quiet vibe, but those unmistakable traits – the voice, the flow, the tone, the production – all lean confidently in the direction of unwavering personality and preference.

Furthering that versatility is the fact that hip hop subtly plays a role in the process, blended in without question amidst this style and tone that is Cvlii. Goten meets the needs of the EP, keeps things fresh yet relevant and introduces spoken-word-style bars and an again varied, impressive flow; allowing the strengths and intimacy of the artist’s lyrics to stand tall in a perhaps more dominant setting.

Ori takes this even further, faster bars and a softly melodic hook for the ideal resolve. Then there’s Hills, an infectiously melodic song with an energising rhythm and unlimited good vibes.

The new single is Freefall, within which Cvlii exercises yet another side to his musicality. Mellow and ambient, intimate and intentional, poetic, taking its time to drop in with a notably contemporary, auto-tuned sound and spacious, late-night aura.

On the whole, unpredictable yet reliable music – tracks you can count on to sound good and set the mood, and artist with a free-flowing artistic tendency and a fearlessness that unites with professionalism, forming a perfectly crisp, captivating style.

Download the music via Apple. Check out Cvlii on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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