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Current Feel Alive


Kansas City’s Current returns on a high this year with the beautifully ambient, uplifting and melodic single Feel Alive.

Inspiring in sentiment and mood, the new release elevates the Current sound for its humility and brightness combined. Simple yet effective production and vocal traits embrace the listener throughout, offering a somewhat minimal soundscape of dreamy, ethereal synths, trap rhythms and quietly mixed vocals utilising both melody and rap to strong dynamic effect.

Woven in amidst all of this is a story, upon which the verses shine light accordingly, yet the hook consistently resolves to a more accessible, anthem-like moment that’s relevant to all.

This balance works well, the revealing honesty connecting for its purity, the resolve allowing the song to become any and all of ours – a go-to hit of optimism and possibility when we need it most.

Following on from a series of releases of increasingly impressive devotion to the artform, Feel Alive injects a welcomed dose of colour and consciousness into the new year, keeping things organic in lyric and delivery but making sure to precisely and purposefully arrange the surrounding soundscape; to highlight these strengths all the more so.

Really well-crafted, in short – aligned with the contemporary scene but also written and performed with heart and soul for that essential something extra. A personal favourite from Current so far.

Check out Current here or via Instagram or his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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