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CubanBrown more than lives up to the vibes implied by his artwork for this beachside, laid-back yet uplifting new project.

Beginning with the smoothness and bounce of Catchin’ a vibe, the music brings together dancehall rhythms and contemporary pop sensibilities. Not family friendly, but soaked in RnB melodies and vocal accessibility regardless. A little Sean Paul with a touch of The Weeknd and some dance-ready production for further creative reach – not to mention effective song-writing; a mighty hook that quickly leaves its mark.

She came keeps the summertime mood strong yet mellows things out vocally for an intimate story-line and aura that works well as the middle track.

Bringing the short collection to a finish is perhaps the most instrumentally immersive of all. A guitar-led Jumpoff ting is easy to get into, blending voice and organic layers with a breathy vocal and another addictive hook.

Fusing personality with stylish, engaging production, the track is all at once soulful and laid-back – intimate and relevant to all, dreamlike and well-suited to those moments of late-night oneness.

A great way to finish what is a fitting playlist for the implied energy yet also one that’s surprisingly eclectic. CubanBrown makes his intentions clear, and showcases a definite ability to weave hypnotic melodies and soundscapes around listeners.

Look out for the music video release on February 14th. Check out CubanBrown on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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