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CRS 1 Once Upon a Time EP


Releasing in June on Whiteberry Records, Once Upon a Time is the latest project from indie House and Techno devotee CRS-1, and it’s a creatively fresh EP that seeks to utilise an inventive Western theme throughout.

To begin, a fascinating fusion of elements – a twist of sci-fi and a subtle dose of something like Futurama in the bass and cinematic introduction. A Fistful Of Billy is quick to showcase the impressive manner in which CRS-1 has intertwined the Western traits with his iconic House approach.

The effect is humble and likable, quiet hints of movie-like inflections and melodic bursts, the whistles in particular, all creating a Kill Bill-style level of artistic appeal. Meanwhile we rise and fall, the bass notes and chords appearing simply one after the other across a looping tapestry of playful production. It’s almost like a pop-ready dance routine is required – a catchy two-step hit that’s both indie alternative and characterfully quirky.

Get Onboard The Love Train redirects things boldly, a vocal introduction and quick combination of sci-fi electro bass and organic funky guitar presenting a disco-style hit of the unexpected. Featuring vocals from Singtrece, the track underlines a whole new style to the CRS-1 production realm, and raises the bar on behalf of floor fillers unconfined by genre or venue.

To finish, I Am a Bullet brings back the relentless familiarity of House, with a kick drum and clap combo slowly easing us into an ultimately modest yet immersive unification of all prior elements. The disco brightness, the funk, the Western flickers of guitar and horn – those cinematic dashes of style and mood.

This one brings the fullness again, the comforting loops of voice and the multi-layered embrace of finely crafted dance music. The track includes the ripped vocals of MC Buzz, from 1989’s How Sleep The Brave, and is actually the most recognisable and bass-distinct work of the new EP. All in all though, Once Upon a Time is an easy joy to submit to this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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