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CRS-1 Don’t think, just do


Ambitiously taking listeners on a brilliantly unpredictable audio journey, the ever creative CRS-1 crafts a post six-minute venture of ambient and rhythmic depths, for the aptly-titled Don’t think, just do.

Initially connecting for its nostalgic house rhythm and pace, Don’t think, just do soon switches gears for a distinctly more reflective and thoughtful realm, before adopting a funky bass-led warmth alongside fragments of sound-play and tribal details.

After this, retro synths meander in unison with vocals, adding unexpected instances of further melody and brightness. Meanwhile the beat goes on, cinematic waves of lightness and dark intermittently redirecting the listener’s mind; as it ultimately wanders down a plethora of different pathways.

CRS-1 is known for toying with the very fabric of electronic music in subtle yet effective ways. Nowhere is this quality better highlighted than throughout the rightfully uninhibited, freestyle evolution and presence of Don’t think, just do. Hopefully the music will inspire you to free your mind and roll with the punches.

Single releasing May, 2023.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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