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Cranky George Misery Road


At it’s core, Misery Road is a song that oozes a very folk-rock and Americana sort of mood. The song seems all at once familiar, yet unpredictable. The rhythm is comforting, the instrumentation is organic and pleasant, and the leading vocal is loaded with character and a genuine emotional overtone that fairly deeply reflects the theme of the song.

The title of the track is actually reflected as a concept in a number of ways. By no means is it a misery to listen to, quite the contrary, but the feelings behind it, the energy of the idea, is consistently expressed. The way the leading singer performs the opening melody line, and indeed plays the accompanying guitar, makes for something undeniably quirky and impossible to turn away from. The mellow and repetitive rhythm is simple but forever warm and wonderful. It’s easy to listen to, it’s enjoyable for it’s audience but perhaps suggested as something of a burden for the artist under the spotlight – essentially reinforcing the realness of these experiences and the effect they’ve had on the storyteller. It’s an intriguing bit creativity, and of course the video is a huge part of what gives off this impression, but the more you listen to the song – the more it becomes something of an anthem for a long, hard day.

The effect of the song is that it lifts you from your misery. You can relate to something in there, whether it’s the emotion or simply the dusty mirror, and the upbeat and joyful ambience of the song washes away your troubles for a good few minutes. Structurally, it’s a winner; each melody sinks in with just a single listen, and each moment of harmony or instrumentation is precisely placed and skillfully performed so as to keep things moving at all times. The accordion is inspired and really brings out the brightness embedded within the song, and, as mentioned, that leading vocal has so much personality and appeal. This is great songwriting and great performances from all involved. Definitely a band to catch performing live sometime soon.

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