Craig Adam Johnston - Right or Wrong - Stereo Stickman

Craig Adam Johnston Right or Wrong


Uniquely bringing together decidedly intimate, breathy vocals and a notably full and somewhat funky band soundscape, Craig Adam Johnston unites rhythm and melody to quickly infectious results with Right or Wrong.

Offering a touch of the singer-songwriter authenticity from the likes of Passenger, Craig’s voice is familiar, recognisable, yet carries the weight and pace of this brighter pop-rock arrangement beautifully well.

From a songwriting perspective, the structure works perfectly, and the lyrics prove deeply personal yet also just vague and relatable enough to connect with a broader audience.

Weave in a simple, subtle guitar solo during the latter half, and Right or Wrong seals the deal.

Something of a timeless indie hit, with superb musicianship and a fine balance between clear identity and the comforting, effective building blocks of pop.

From acoustic purity to the colourful, energising embrace of a big-band sound and style – Craig Adam Johnston returns on a definite high.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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