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Cplus Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend


A softly whispered and gorgeously raspy vocal drives the quiet delicacy of this single in a beautiful way. The song continues to appear as uniquely creative right the way through, presenting a fairly minimalist, almost seasonal-style ambiance, which keeps your focus on the words and the voices as things move along.

It’s an effective choice to have a song like this present itself in such a humble fashion. Though the building blocks are unusual, they help give the track an alternative and recognisable edge – the quietness also helps make this an ideal go-to for evenings in.

To keep your attention on the vocals is a wise choice, that melody is quickly memorable – as are these all-too familiar leading words. Within a mere few seconds the song’s central line and the movement and flavor of its hook have settled in for the long term – you’ll easily be able to pick out the song from afar the next time around.

Cplus keeps thing mellow and apologetically pure on this single. That leading voice is one that undoubtedly offers personality – a level of identity and something for fans to connect with and come back for. In this particular musical setting, the voice shines with gentle brightness – softly luring you over and then seeking to calm you with this simple yet effective melody and a nearly-whispered delivery that feels very intimate and personal.

As an artist, there’s something subtly quirky about the Cplus approach to music. This single makes you wonder what else will come through creatively over the coming months and years – and also what exactly a live show would be like and how a song like this would play out on stage. There’s a lot to like about it and those simple touches are a big part of that.

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