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Coyote Kid Destroyer of Worlds


Simply because we can… Coyote Kid’s conceptual album The Skeleton Man is a must for fans of music or theatre or fully immersive awesomeness on the whole.

Not the most professional introduction on our part, but to clarify – this is superb music; loaded with character, organic and nostalgic in set-up but driven by refreshing story-telling and a crisp, clean and genuine approach to performance. There’s a level of clarity here, which contrasts well with the grit and passion that pours through from everyone involved – not least of all the lead vocalist.

If you don’t have time for a movie, let this do the job for you. Featuring long-form melodies that suit the detailed and completely refreshing, unpredictable nature of the underlying story, Destroyer Of Worlds is a stand-out single from an album that’s just as impressive and exciting to experience.

Offering unity – between musicians, between the instrumentation and the vocal, between the concept and the sound – this is music that festival stages across the globe call out for. A level of depth juxtaposes a surface appearance of theatre and performance.

The song meanders in a fascinating manner throughout this rhythmically engaging, ever-evolving and uniquely artistic soundscape, taking the listener on a journey that feels just quirky enough to appeal, yet not so much so that it loses sight of talent and skill – far from it.

Musically brilliant, rising up from delicacy to weight, from mellow spaciousness to full-throttle vibrancy and volume – Coyote Kid are unmissable. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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