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Coyne and Hart Nobody (Like I Do)


Recapturing the warmth of the summer with a soulful House track designed to lift the mood, Liverpool creative duo Coyne and Hart launch their infectious new single Nobody (Like I Do).

Nostalgically focused for its mildly manipulated vocal front-line and the classic keys, bass and beat combination, Nobody (Like I Do) achieves a fine balance of delicacy and weight – bridging that gap between the past and the present with familiarity and freshness from the vibe to the hook.

Increasingly catchy, the central ear-worm strength of Nobody (Like I Do) is undoubtedly key to its appeal – the music weaves its way into your head-space with ease, that title-line repeating but doing so with such a careful use of evocative notes that it feels welcomed and non-intrusive. The premise is simple, and the execution professional, so the track lights up the room in an instant.

Emerging complete with an additional club mix and a quirky sped up version, Coyne and Hart clearly have their target audiences in sight. Bringing equal parts talent, passion and intricate skill to the stage, Nobody (Like I Do) has the makings of a lasting floor-filler, and hopefully introduces Coyne and Hart as a producer and DJ duo well-worth knowing about as 2024 swings into view.

Download or stream Nobody (Like I Do). Find Coyne and Hart on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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