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Heavy with the weight of hard-rock yet melodic and contemplative in line with a devoted solo songwriter, Coty Galloway’s COMPROMISED pierces through the noise of the scene with a nostalgic and mighty presence.

Featuring instantly gripping musicianship of soaring distorted guitars, bass and drums, COMPROMISED soon brings in a beautifully expressive, passionate and bold vocal identity – akin to the likes of Eddie Vedder at his early peak with the band; along with hints of indie legend 3mind Blight.

As things progress, however, Coty naturally achieves his own status as vocal artist – leaning towards a contemporary flow during certain moments, almost rapping at one point, to deliver a gritty and passionate performance; one that authentically meets the needs of this deeply human, revealing and vulnerable writing.

Completing the process with a spiralling guitar solo and mildly-warped vocal switch to reflective heartache and lostness, COMPROMISED proves both an instantly recognisable anthem – for its opening riffs and vocal inflections – as well as an alternative and gripping listen.

The song openly explores topics of self-scorn, trust and mental health turmoil, and the presentation makes it genuinely believable; thus easy to connect with.

An explosive and powerful listen – I look forward to hearing more.

Find Coty Galloway on Twitter, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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