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Costi Where Is My Mind


The real strength of this release is the sort that shows itself gradually, the song growing more intense and impressive with every few bars that fly past you. From the beginning, this notably organic, real time, genuine take on an iconic classic comes through as if it’s being performed right there in the room with you. The beat-boxing and the simple rhythmic strum of the acoustic guitar lay the foundation upon which a fairly low-key leading voice appears to sing that infamous hook. The simple or minimalist musicality of the piece is something you grow to appreciate more and more as the song progresses, adding to that slow burning effect and really drawing you closer to the artist behind the music.

What stands the tallest about this version of Where Is My Mind is Costi’s rap verse, particularly that opening set of bars as it comes so unexpectedly and proceeds to effortlessly pour these fresh ideas and rhymes out to you in a calm yet confident way. It’s captivating, it comes in at just the right time – to recapture your intrigue and interest – and it continues to hold tight to your attention throughout.

Costi is a one-man-band on this release, by all accounts – everything you hear is the artist working hard to capture a moment in time and present a definitive connection to a brilliant piece of music and writing. It’s a respectful ode to the band that made it, but it also showcases a total reinvention of the song. As stated, Costi’s rap verse is where the power lies. You can easily listen three or four times in a row, trying to make certain you’ve heard every line, because none of it is wasted – nothing is there simply to fill a gap. Initially the familiar melody perhaps distracts a little, so those first few lyrics tend to speed past you in the blink of an eye. The contrast between the mellow energy of the sung hook and the high pace and clever lyricism of the verse adds to the impact.

Costi includes only the best of his writing here, his poetry, his personality, and he performs pretty flawlessly throughout both of the verses on this track, as well as throughout the backing soundscape. It’s likely there’s a lot more to come from him in the near future that will pleasantly surprise and impress any number of audiences.

Costi is one half of the hip hop duo One Line to an Angle. Find & follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

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