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Corey Feldman Feeling Funky (With BLAZAR / Cosmic Wire)


Introducing a collaborative electro-funk hit that’s every bit as confident and colourful as its title and artwork imply – the one and only BLAZAR joins forces with cinema’s Corey Feldman for this unique recrafting of the live-pop sound for Corey’s Cosmic Wire debut.  

Far from a newcomer to music, despite his background in some of the most beloved family films of all time, Corey Feldman’s band Truth Movement was once considered a sister of Pink Floyd, with their producer Jon Carin working behind the scenes. In addition, Corey has worked with rap-rock legend Fred Durst, and impressively had a top 40 Billboard hit with Snoop Dogg (Go 4 It).

Taking somewhat of a fresh turn though, Feeling Funky sees multiple layers of organic swing and electronic rhythms unite, alongside a bold and stylish vocal that guides us through the summer anthem with natural confidence.

Building up brilliantly, creative as ever for the Cosmic Wire corner and making fine use of guitar, keys, horn and bass, the track is partly fuzzy and partly live-band style – quickly prompting an energetic response in either case, and likely to prove a dance-floor filler throughout the coming months.

Not purely a one-track release, an upcoming album is also anticipated, which will feature American singer Roberta Freeman (of Guns N’ Roses fame), and reggae singer Nicky Thomas.

Feeling Funky is the first single release off of Corey Feldman’s forthcoming album, Love Left 2. The 25th Anniversary of his debut album is celebrated with the Love Left 2.1 box set full of raribles, while more of his novelty art will soon surface as NFTs.

As the 36th Anniversary of The Goonies, 35th of Stand By Me, 34th of The Lost Boys, 32nd of Dream a Little Dream and The Burbs crosses, Corey Feldman digitizes iconic items from those movie sets to make available in his custom proprietary NFT store via Cosmic Wire.”

Wishing Corey a very Happy Birthday today – congrats on the single release! Download or stream Feeling Funky here. Check Corey Feldman out on Twitter. Follow BLAZAR on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud & Instagram.

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