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Cooper Phillip Party By Myself


Party By Myself is an alternative sort of pop song. It’s one that has just about every ounce of edge and style you could hope for to create a real bit of escapism for you as you listen.

It’s a great track, a stunning bit of music, really creatively compiled to give off a unique ambiance, and then Cooper Phillip’s vocal performance and melody line really just fill in any remaining space around the sound with great skill.

The artist has a beautiful voice. What’s interesting about it is that there is plenty of character to the sound – it’s not your typical pop voice or style, there’s something in the sound that is fresh and true to the singer, and this, on top of everything else, really makes this song stand out among it’s industry peers.

The way the track opens up sets a sort of summer dance or trance scene in a way. The vocal soon appears, but it fits brilliantly, and the atmosphere continues to develop and evolve. Instrumentally everything is fantastic, the production is top notch, the beat has a mellow and almost tribal sound to it, so everything you may choose to focus in on really shines brightly.

Structurally the song features a strong presence of change, different sections and moments that come into play to keep you interested. Furthermore, also in terms of the songwriting, the melody line throughout is very easy to absorb and remember – the hook in particular, but even just the verses surrounding it. It’s highly unlikely that this song would get lost among a collection, it’s one that has enough of that alternative, electronic edge to stand alone. The trip-hop inspired ambiance fuses awesomely with the tribal edge as mentioned, and the artist herself makes the whole thing even more expressive and memorable with her personality and style.

Visit Cooper Phillip’s Website for more information. Find and follow her on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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