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Connor Shane Let’s Talk Later


Connor Shane presents a take on modern hip hop that comes soaked in a few different areas of inspiration. The opening riff, for example, despite the smooth and warmth aura, has a definite Eminem vibe to it. The following beat, in slight contrast, has much more of a classic rap feel – which works well, it’s nostalgic and simple in setting the mood and laying the foundation for the lyricism that comes afterwards.

As an artist, Connor Shane has a voice that moves easily between rapping and singing – there are some unexpected melodic moments, which again works well in adding character and keeping things going. Following this, there’s a brilliant flicker of electric guitar, which adds even more to the soundscape and to your view of Shane as a creative. Things sound different after this, you view it differently – perspectives change and the whole world starts to look brand new.

Lyrically this track is surprisingly emotional and open in its addressing of personal issues. The more you listen, the more surprising the whole set up actually is. What appears at first as a fitting and simple addition to the world’s hip hop, later evolves to be something more of a connection to a thoughtful, skillful individual – something fresh to find solace in.

Shane pours his truth into the verses, and then when the melodic moments hit, the vulnerability increases – a relevant switch as the singing suggests something less hard hitting, perhaps gentler than rap. Then you get the brilliantly well-placed guitar solo just after this. The track has been structured with care, it keeps the vibe constant but it also keeps thing interesting and progressing as per the underlying sentiment. Hopefully Connor Shane continues to put out more music and marching to his own beat as the next few months and years go by.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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