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Component Movement EP (Disskghast Recordings)


Component is an Irish techno producer who takes on the world of dark and creative ambiance on this project Movement. The EP’s title track A1 / Movement kicks things off, a heavy, industrial ambiance and a thick, crunchy beat drive the moment with grit and intensity. Production-wise, the balance between the thickness of the drum-line and the delicacy of the outer samples and synths is precise and effective. You can let your mind wander with the higher energy of the music, or you can let that underlying, relentless rhythm energize and embrace you.

A2 / Let’s Go picks up the pace a little, takes things in a warmer, more immersive direction. Where there was space in the set-up before, the music now completely the fills the room. The beat has different feel to it, muggier or smoother perhaps, less up front and intense. It’s hypnotic, and as the soundscape progresses the whole thing surrounds you in a powerful way. This is a huge moment, a stunning track that evolves in a hugely satisfying way and brings together nostalgia and freshness as it plays out for you. The night’s in full swing here, the way the synths weave in and out of the mix feels like waves crashing over you and then drawing back out to sea.

B1 / Speedy G feels a tad more tribal, the intensity returns, the conveyor belt of industrial movement appropriately reaches full speed. Hi-hats line the outer edges, and slowly but surely all space is filled with detail and power. There’s also a real sense of growth and evolution here, the track intensifies further as it moves along, the tribal elements increase, some further away, some right there in centre stage. At over seven minutes long this piece is fully entrancing and takes over the moment in a huge away. For those discovering this at 3am in the city, it would likely feel like a much bigger experience and the perfect thing to see you through any late night uncertainty. Some of the details are incredibly impressive from a production perspective, really creative yet not overbearing in being so, it just works.

B2 / Hybrid finishes the project off with a bit of a head spin. There’s a distorted siren-like effect that creates an unsettling vacuum of audio around you. The beat seems to speed up as this takes place, the constant rhythm becoming something of a hallucination – making you feel as if you’re falling, faster and faster. This is undoubtedly one of the more memorable or quickly recognisable moments on the project. It plays the role of the calling card, the unmistakable sound has character, and alongside of the intensity of the beat it makes for a moment that hard hitting techno and house fans alike can take refuge in.

Listening to escape the world is one thing, something well catered to by this project. Listening to appreciate the building blocks and the creative details though is something else entirely. Component has built this from the ground up, step by step, adding each layer and idea and taking the time to make sure it sounds unique and fascinating and effective within the experience. There are certain elements of quirkiness that work to give the artist a signature sound, but as stated earlier – this is never too much, never trying too hard, just naturally filling the role of the inspiring, fresh composition. It’s a relief to know there are producers out there still working passionately and professionally at creating this type of audio journey for music fans.

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